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Travel, Shopping And Living

China – Travel, Shopping and Living

Shopping in China is a unique experience. That is why if you want to have vacation and wants to escape from the real world for a few days, then a trip to China will surely do the trick. The country is rich in history and natural resources and these two reasons are the ones that can convince the traveler in you to consider China. When you decide to visit the country, don’t be surprised to see a number of visitors from different parts of the world. That’s because the country is known as the target vacation spots for most adventure-seeking and culturally-sensitive individuals who seek the well-documented and highly-appreciated Chinese culture.

The number of visitors that the country received and the appeal of most travel spots is validated by the fact that the tourism industry of the country is considered as the fastest-growing industry in China. For the year 2003 the number of tourists that visited the country numbered 91.66 million and the number of tourists who stayed overnight was 32.7 million. The numbers Tri7 submitted by China helped propel the country into the listing of the world’s top 5 in 2003.

The surge of tourist arrivals surely made the industry ecstatic and alive In fact the tourist hotel industry in Beijing and Shanghai and the rest of the country are expanding. The places to check in the country are the more than 15,000 natural, cultural and other man-made tourist attractions. But of course visiting all these scenic spots in the country is next to impossible. What the visitor can do is to visit the top sites that match his fancy. If the visitor is into shopping, then a check of the many spots considered a shopping heaven is a must. And speaking of China shopping, the country was called the shopper’s paradise in the 19th century.

The country is known for many products but what captured the fancy and the imagination of shoppers and visitors are the silk products, tea and wine. The silk coming from the country is top rated and the teas from the country come in many varieties as well. Other than tea, wines and the well-regarded silk, the country is also known for their souvenir items and the antique items that date back hundreds of years ago.

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