Travel, Shopping And Living

Travel, Shopping And Living

Singapore – Travel, Shopping and Living

People have the impression that Singapore is all serious about business. This is partly true since the government and its people treasure business and development. And this is the reason why a number bandarq of economic infrastructures were put into place right after the city-state gained its independence from Federation of Malaysia. But it isn’t just in business that the city-state of Singapore is known for. The state is also known for travelling, for shopping and its culture and the arts.

The state is heaven for those looking for authentic Malay and Asian cuisine and a shopping heaven as well for the lovers of shopping and sales courtesy of the great Singapore sale that happens every now and then. First up is travel; and the state is also fast-becoming as a popular travel destination for most weary and tired tourists and those who seek some adventure. In fact, with the popularity of the state as a travel spot the tourism industry of the state is one of the largest industries. Based on some estimates that are available, the number of tourist that visited the state in 2006 was 9.7 million. That’s a lot of people who considered a Singapore travel. Actually this kind of industry not only benefits the weary traveler who might want to take a respite from day to day activities. The travel industries also does its share in making the state more progressive as it creates more job opportunities.

When the discussion is all about Singapore and the travel spots in Singapore, then the name Orchard Road isn’t far behind. Orchard Road is called as the shopping district or the shopping spot of the state. This spot draws not only shoppers but tourists as well. And in order to boost the arrival of tourists in the state, the government of Singapore decided to open up the economy and decided as well to legalize gambling in the form of casinos. The casinos that are opened in the state are called Integrated Resorts and these resorts are seen and developed at the Marina South and the Sentosa. Since the state faces stiff competition from its neighbors, the government as well announced that the city area and all the buildings within the vicinity will be lighted up. The result was a vibrant skyline at nighttime.

A visit to the state will not be complete if the visitor don’t experience the totality of Singapore living. The cuisine of the state should be tried as well. The food in the state is a perfect example of diversity of culture since the food of the state is a mixture of Chinese influences, Indian, Tamil and Malay. The halal foods that are served and sold by hawkers are must-try for first time visitors. The government sees the potential of the Singaporean cuisine and this is the reason why the state promotes this aspect as well.

It’s clear that the city-state isn’t only about business and about the growing economies. The state has a fun part as well and visitors can sample the cuisine and take a trip down Orchard Road for a Singapore shopping experience.

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